In playing Pai Gow on Bola88, you need to be smarter than dealer because if you don’t master poker well, you can get loss since dealer is a professional player.


How to Win Pai Gow on poker bola88


Pai Gow is a kind of poker and you can try it in casino for sure. You may also search for the best master agent like Bola88 that serves you this game. Actually, you may still find the similarity with regular poker like Texas Holdem but it is just for card ranks only and no more than that.


Besides that, the game is different and you need to know the way. However, after knowing the way, what you need to do is thinking for the best way to win because your opponent is dealer. If you jave to play with bettors, then you can win easily because their skills are as similar as yours basically.


It is Difficult to Win Pai Gow on Bola88


Though you just play against dealer or house, it doesn’t mean that your burden is all gone. It doesn’t mean that you can win it easily because dealer can be considered as professional player or the last boss in final game you play so you need to be careful if you want to survive longer in this game.


In Bola88, all dealers are professional and if you want to beat Pai Gow dealer, you have to master all rank of poker from the lowest until the highest rank like Royal Flush. It is important for you because you have to arrange and divide 7 cards into two parts. The first part must contain 5 cards.


Meanwhile, the second part must contain 2 cards only. When you arrange your card, you need to focus on what rank you must make to beat dealer. If you think that way, then you can place the right bets on Bola88 and you can win against house to get the best result.